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October 4, 2014

Was POP candidate meeting fair? . . . One Laker’s view

by Sue Cockburn

Submitted by Rick Williamson

 Following is an e-mail from Laker, Gord Campbell.  He offers his views on the POP (Protect Our Park)  meeting:

The message I get from POP is that they want to help and support candidates who will act with honesty and integrity within the framework of the law (including the Park Board By-Laws). Pretty simple stuff. A laker has asked “Shouldn’t EVERY candidate want to Preserve Our Park?”. I would agree with that Laker, every candidate should want this, and I’m sure most in fact do want this. But has every candidate in this election, or at least on the current Board, acted with honesty, integrity and within the framework of the law (including the Park Board By-Laws)? I think not and that is what I understand POP wants in its’ candidates. 

 I do think it’s unfortunate that more Lakers could not have attended the POP meeting that took place. People are feeling left out and I understand that. I also know it was not possible to invite every Laker to attend. I personally would not have wanted people at the meeting who support some of the actions of the current Board. That, in my view would have been most unproductive. For those that support the goals of POP who were not at the meeting, I really do think it’s too bad they could not be in attendance. What they would have seen, was a democratic process meant to put forward a slate of candidates who not only care about our park, but will carry out their actions with honesty, integrity and within the framework of the law (including the Park Board By-Laws).

 This coming election at Cultus Lake is vital. I’ll say right off the top that I don’t have any personal dislike for any of the current Commissioners. Most I don’t know so I couldn’t possibly dislike them. I do however have a dislike for some of their politics and the stand they take on certain issues. That’s fair and it’s called democracy. I can overlook a lot, but when, in my opinion, certain Board members tried to prevent the citizens of Cultus Lake from having a majority control on the Board, that was the breaking point for me. I am of course referring to the meeting when certain Board members voted to withdraw support for having the Cultus Lake Park Act amended to allow only Lakers to elect the Commissioners. And they took this action after a petition with over 900 names in support had already been submitted. To me, this should be the single biggest issue in this election.

 So what’s at stake in this election is that we will have a new Board with a four year term and, in spite of the actions of certain Commissioners, for the very first time the Cultus Lake citizens have the chance to vote for a majority. Please, let’s talk about the real issues in this election. Let’s not get sidetracked about one meeting that took place when its’ sole purpose was to put forward good, strong candidates who will act in an ethical fashion. 

 Gord Campbell

Gord’s last paragraph sums it up nicely in my opinion. Who was/wasn’t invited to a POP meeting should not be an issue – who gets elected is the issue. Let’s not be distracted by the format of a single meeting and instead concentrate on what is important – getting the best qualified candidates elected to serve the needs of the entire Cultus community over the next 4 years.


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