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October 19, 2014

2 Candidates withdraw from Cultus Election

by Protect Our Park

Gary Lister and Terry Woodrow withdrew their names from the Cultus Lake 2014 Election to make way for three POP candidates whose values they support.  Following are their letters to the public explaining their position.

In view of this we have extended the deadline for ordering POP signs for your property until Wednesday, October 22nd.  For a sign email

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Submitted by Gary Lister

To the residents of Cultus Lake Park

I am writing this letter to inform you and especially all the people who encouraged me to run in the upcoming election that I have withdrawn as a candidate.   This was a very difficult decision for me to make.  The timing of this election was the motivating factor for my decision.  I am going to be busy with other commitments over the next year and because of that, I felt if I were elected, I could not give the necessary time needed to do a good job and that would not be fair to the residents of the lake.

As many of you are aware, I have worked tirelessly, along with other concerned citizens of Cultus Lake, to bring about a democratic election process to its residents; where elected officials could be held accountable by the people they govern.   As a result of this work, the Cultus Lake Park Act was amended this year, thus shifting the balance of power on the Board to Cultus Lake.  The upcoming election will be the first one held under these new changes to the Park Act.

It is refreshing to see candidates whose platform includes:

  1. not silencing the residents, but willing to listen to them;
  2. abiding by the Park Act, and it’s bylaws;
  3. reducing operating expenses;
  4. being transparent in their decision making; and
  5. Being accountable for their actions.

I feel that the new candidates who bring this type of commitment to the community should be supported and those incumbents that are running should be judged on their past performance.

Having the ability to hold our elected officials accountable, given the behaviour of some of the current commissioners, is exactly why I and my wife Sue started the petition calling for a democratic system of government for the residents of Cultus Lake Park.

Lastly, I want to thank all those people who were in support of me running for commissioner.


Gary Lister


Submitted by Terry Woodrow

Cultus Lake Community,

Please be advised that on October 17th, I officially withdrew my name as candidate for the Cultus Lake Park Board election. I stepped back because the sole purpose for running for Commissioner was to effect positive change on the Board and I am of the view that Joe Lamb, Larry Payeur and Rose Turcasso share the same fundamental vision.

As well, the thought that my continued participation could dilute the vote and possibly allow Charlotte Hall to escape being held accountable for her actions including from my perspective, her showing contempt for the public in 2012, was too great for me to bear. I feel both her and Carlton Toews should not be rewarded with the confidence of another term in office.

In my opinion, with the election of Joe Lamb, Larry Payeur and Rose Turcasso from the lake, together with Malcolm Shanks’ election from the City of Chilliwack, the residents of Cultus Lake will be poised to finally be represented by a responsible, ethical and collaborative Board that recognizes the current state of management and makes the necessary changes to properly serve the best interests of this community.


Terry Woodrow

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