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October 25, 2014

The best way we can say ‘thank you’ is by voting

by Protect Our Park

Submitted by Norma Dean McCrea

The Gift to Cultus Lake

We are living history in the making at Cultus Lake.  In the 2014 BC Local Elections Cultus Lakes Park will be electing the majority of commissioners on the Cultus Lake Park Board for the first time ever.  As Laurie Throness MLA stated to the BC Legislature on April 8,  2014 while presenting Bill 27 – The Cultus Lake Park Amendment Act 2014 “By reducing the size of the board to five and increasing the number of those to be elected exclusively by the people of Cultus Lake from two to three, we will pass control over that board to where it belongs: to the people of Cultus Lake, who the board serves.”[1]

Laurie Throness went on to say “I want to give credit where it’s due, and I want to thank Gary and Susan Lister in particular for the passion for accountable government at Cultus Lake.”

“As if on purpose, to demonstrate that issue of accountability, after I presented that petition in this House last summer, a majority of the commissioners at Cultus Lake Park Board passed a resolution in opposition to the wording of the petition.  Instead of championing the people of Cultus Lake, the majority of commissioners opposed what the people of Cultus Lake wanted. They felt more accountable to the people who elected them in Chilliwack.”

“Now, on my part, I felt that if the commissioners did not have the democratic incentive to champion what the people of Cultus Lake wanted, I as MLA certainly had that incentive.  I had that mandate, so I began to work hard on their behalf, because I consider myself a public servant.  My role, my job, is to get my constituents to where they want to go.  I felt that their petition was very clear.  It was a set of marching orders.  It showed that the community was united in its desire for change.”

“I met with concerned residents of Cultus Lake.   I answered a lot of correspondence that has been sent to various members throughout this House.  I met with the chair of Cultus Lake Park Board, Sacha Peter, to tell him that I intended to pursue this issue of accountability.  I went to Victoria specifically to meet with public servants in the ministry.  I met with the minister.  I met with the City of Chilliwack.  I met with the regional district.  I appealed to everyone to help me bring more accountability to the residents of Cultus Lake.”[2]

This is a call to say thank you to Gary & Sue Lister who spearheaded the petition that “was the springboard for change.” [3] and to say thank you to our MLA Laurie Throness who worked so hard on behalf of the citizens of Cultus Lake.  We need to say thank you, thank you, thank you and the best way to do that is by voting in this year’s local election.  A great turn out of voters will be the best thank you to the Lister’s and our MLA Laurie Throness.  Bill 27 is a gift to Cultus Lake so let’s give thanks by honouring this gift of democracy by voting.


The best way we can say ‘thank you’ is by voting


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