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November 8, 2014


by Protect Our Park

Submitted by Mary-Ann Andrew ( nee Sharon ) 


I was first introduced to the lake at the tender age of 5 when,  in 1952,  my family moved to Maple Street from Chilliwack. Having spent my childhood & teen years at the lake, my immediate instinct when having  children of my own was to have them grow up here – so my husband & I purchased a cabin on Pine Street in 1980 – even before we had a proper home where we lived in Abbotsford.  For the next 30+ years we raised our family at the lake each and every summer – an experience our children are now sharing with their families.


During all these years the politics of the lake were not in our field of view. We only heard backyard gossip regarding the behavior of the various boards, most of which was negative. Some boards & management appeared competent, others not so much.  All we heard was rumor & innuendo – no real information as to what was really happening.  We ourselves experienced many silly things such as having our kids removed from their backyard tent in the middle of the night , parking tickets for parking the wrong way on the street, not being able to watch the stars from our wharf after 1100 PM and being unable to go for a quick, refreshing midnight dip on a hot, summer night.


Then along came Rick Williamson….after asking the board of the day to initiate a website, so residents & leaseholders could receive accurate information regarding board business, and being told it was not possible, he created his own “Cultus Lake Updates.”  These updates gave a clear, accurate & verifiable account of the day-to-day workings of the CLPB and senior management……the good and the bad.  We wish to publicly thank Rick for helping to bring our “heads out of the sand” and to gain an interest in the political workings of the  governance of our park.


It was Rick’s clear dissemination of information, along with the Lister’s petition, that made Bill 27 a reality. They also sparked an awakening in the rest of us to get personally involved and to actually do something other than talk – hence a fresh slate of promising candidates to choose from in the upcoming election.  Again, our personal thanks to Rick & the Listers.


While Bill 27 has solved one aspect of our weak governance structure;  I still have concerns over the continued flow of accurate information and the accountability of future boards, as Rick has indicated he will no longer be issuing updates after the end of this year.  It is now up to us, as residents and leaseholders, to remain vigilant, active and politically engaged to make sure we encourage and support future candidates / commissioners that are capable and will do due diligence when making decisions on behalf of the community.


Saturday, Nov. 15 will be our first opportunity to have our voice heard – please vote!!!


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