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CLPB Candidate (Cultus Lake), Joe Lamb


Joe Lamb, Cultus Lake Board Candidate 2014

Joe Lamb, Cultus Lake Board Candidate 2014

Joe Lamb is an accomplished and highly energetic individual with 30 years of experience in the service industries, spending the last 11 years with Panago Pizza Inc. in an executive role. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and earlier this year, started a small property maintenance business within the local community.

Thriving on new challenges, Joe holds to a strong belief that honesty and integrity are the key to delivering superior service and elevating standards in his day to day tasks. In an effort to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the community where he lives, Joe served for the last 3 years on the Cultus Lake Future Planning Committee. His involvement with the committee gave him an understanding of the history of Cultus Lake Park and an insight with respect to how many residents feel about this community.

Joe, his wife Shannon, and their teenage daughter Grace, have lived at the lake for the past eight years, and feel privileged to live within Cultus Lake Park. Boating is a family passion, and they spend a lot of time in the summer out on the lake wakeboarding. Joe is an avid participant in Cross-Fit training, and believes that exercise strengthens both body and mind.

As Vice-President of Operations for Panago Pizza, Joe has demonstrated leadership and expertise in Human Resource relationships, Customer Service, Team Building, and Effective System Development. Throughout his professional career, Joe has generated a history of successful business model development and management.

Joe has served as President for his Strata Corporation at Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, for the past 4 years, and during this time the Strata Corporation has moved from an insolvent position to currently holding over $100,000 in owner equity. His recent “Cultus Lake Property Management” business, although only 4 months old, has already successfully completed work for more than 50 Cultus Lake residents.

Goals & Aspirations


Goals for Cultus Lake

  • A board with Honest, Direct Leadership
  • Responsible Development and Growth with Public Consultation
  • Protect the Natural Environment of the Lake
  • Reduce Operating Overhead by becoming more efficient
  • Promote necessary changes to the Park Act

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