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Larry Payeur, Incumbent (Cultus Lake)

CLPB Incumbent Commissioner (Cultus Lake), Larry Payeur

CLPB Incumbent Commissioner (Cultus Lake), Larry Payeur

Incumbent Commissioner (Cultus Lake), Larry Payeur, was elected to the Board in 2011 with the goal of increasing both the financial and electoral accountability of the Board. He is a semi-retired businessman who has lived in Cultus Lake since 2008 and in BC since 1972 Click here to learn more about Larry Payeur


Malcolm Shanks, Incumbent (Chilliwack)

Incumbent Commission, Malcolm Shanks (Chilliwack)

Incumbent Commissioner (Chilliwack), Malcolm Shanks

Incumbent Commissioner, Malcolm Shanks, is running for the Cultus Lake Park Board in Chilliwack. His background includes 7 1/2 years as manager with the Cultus Lake Park Board and 31 years of municipal administrative experience (Certified Municipal Clerk).

Click here to learn more about Malcolm Shanks


Rose Turcasso (Cultus Lake)

CLPB Candidate (Cultus Lake), Rose Turcasso

CLPB Candidate (Cultus Lake), Rose Turcasso

Rose Turcasso is a resident of Cultus Lake (2002) and retired after 26 years as a police officer with the RCMP. She was heavily involved in her career with community consultative groups and community policing. Click here to learn more about Rose Turcasso


Bill 27

In May 2014 the BC Legislature passed Bill 27 changing the Cultus Lake Park Act by reducing the number of Board Members for the Cultus Lake Park Board from 7 to 5 (formerly 5 voted in by Chilliwack residents and 2 by Cultus Lake residents).

Now residents and leaseholders of Cultus Lake elect 3 of the 5 Commissioners.

This is very significant as the Cultus Lake voters now have the opportunity to choose the majority of their Commissioners!


Voting is also available at ADVANCED POLLS

  • In Chilliwack NOVEMBER 5TH & 12TH
  • In Cultus Lake NOVEMBER 5th

Click here to find out more about Bill 27.


“POP” in support of a healthy, democratic election process

The Protect Our Park group “POP” and the creators of this blog “Park Bench Chatter” are looking forward to another election year at Cultus Lake.

This time around is a whole new ball game because the number of commissioners have been changed from a total of 7 including the majority of 5 from Chilliwack and only 2 from the lake, to only 5 in total with the majority (3) now coming from the lake and just 2 from Chilliwack. We believe this is the right structure for success.

Further, the term has been increased to 4 years from 3 years making involvement by the community in this process more important than ever. As with any election, it is in the best interest of all stakeholders to ensure the election of uniquely qualified individuals that embody those values that will drive the right behaviors (such as honesty, fairness, collaboration from the start, teamwork, and respect for all parts of Cultus Lake community and business “ecosystem”).

Although Park Bench Chatter has been idle for some time, this election event and the anticipated outcome will hopefully revive its purpose with renewed content, delivered in a manner that positively serves all “Lakers” (every person that enjoys and benefits from such a s great place, regardless of where they permanently reside).

May the best candidates win, and may the impact of their efforts lead the lake in the right direction going forward!